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Debbie Lindquist

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I began selling Scentsy in November, 2008 after a friend of mine took a Scentsy warmer on vacation with us and I couldn't believe how good itsmelled.  It scented our entire suite.  I just knew I had to share this amazing find with all of my friends and family.  Having three kids, I am veryconscious of leaving candles burning in my home.  Though I love the smell, I would constantly forget to blow candles out and then kick myselfwhen I would get home and see that it was still burning.  It was only going to take one time for something disastrous to happen.  Iimmediately signed up without even purchasing a warmer first.  Now I have one in every room in my house, including the kids rooms.  It is sowonderful!!  Just turn the warmer on and leave it alone.  My home smells good 24/7.  And what an awesome income opportunity!  Especiallyduring this very tough economy, Scentsy has helped our family tremendously.  It has been a true blessing!  I absolutely love Scentsy andI know you will too.  Call me and I will help you choose your favorite warmer and scents so your home can smell just as wonderful as mine. And if you are looking for some extra income, come join my team and experience all of the wonderful benefits that come along with it.  I lookforward to hearing from you...<!--endbody-->

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